How to Promote Cultural Diversity Awareness

Is cultural diversity awareness possible in schools, at home, and in the community? Consider how people affect the environment and those around them. Since I have been a teacher for over five years, I can say with confidence that philosophical questions are relevant in today’s school. You can learn more when you read this article.

Special needs students are my students. I am a teacher. All students are unique, especially when they are taught independently. You get a great mix of values as well as unique perspectives when you are part of the culture.

Reasons to Promote the Diversity Awareness

childrenMy opinion is that people’s values and culture also influence the faculty. My students were different when I was a professor at the university. Some students struggled or held both the good and the bad depending on their values.

Many conversations were had with students who understood cultural values. Students often find it difficult to see that there are many ways to do things. In 2016, I taught a class with 12 students. One student wanted to be the center of attention and tell great stories. One student was quiet and barely spoke. Because he couldn’t keep up with the other students, the next student was picked out. The class saw the student differently, as an outcast. Being different in society today is considered unnatural or bad. The student grew out of her shell eventually and became more outgoing. It is sad to see students and people picking on those who are different than them. It wasn’t her fault, the problem was that the standards required lots of talking together. The classroom standards were reflective of the students.

Importance of Encouraging Others of Diversity

Every student must feel welcome and respected in school and the wider world. After welcoming sixth graders, we start to introduce ourselves each year. My classes learn that every student is different and has their own history, habits, and abilities. There are no two people the same. My goal is to encourage my students to succeed in their endeavors and to treat them with the same respect that I would. This is why I believe I am a champion for education and culture sharing. Don’t you feel obliged to show kindness and respect to others? Let’s take a look at ways we can promote appreciation for culture and diversity.