Three Extreme Activities That Can Sharpen Your Confidence

Living a life as an executive in the business world requires a neverending struggle to compete with others. Others who’d love to take your position are always there. If you let your guards down, someone will certainly take advantage of that.

Therefore, keeping yourself sharp is a must, even during your holiday. Doing activities that can stimulate your awareness and boost your focus and confidence will benefit the way you represent yourself in the business world. Here is a list of those activities:

1. Exploring the Wild

exploring the wildWhen you read this suggestion, you may feel discouraged by its potential danger. And you are correct if you’re afraid because it means that your survival instinct has kicked in, just like in the business world. No recklessly courageous businessmen have ever reached to the top, haven’t they?

First, you should read this page before you sign up for an adventure program. You must know what to expect once you step into the wild because by then, there will be no turning back.

Second, if you want to learn better about survival, then you should apply for survival training programs. Try to check one of these courses:

  • Sigma 3 Arctic Isolation (Arctic)
  • BOSS 28-Day Field Survival Course (US)
  • Karamat Wilderness Ways’ Extended Summer Survival (Canada)
  • Woodsmoke Woodlander Bushcraft Course (UK)
  • Backwoods Survival School’s Beachcomber Course (UK)
  • Nordmarken Kanot-Center’s WEISS Survival Course (Sweden)

2. Underwater Cave Exploration

underwater explorationWhat’s more extreme than exploring the wild? The answer to that question would be to venture to an underwater cave. If you think that this activity will not be worth the efforts, try to browse these caves:

  • Cenote Angelita – Tulum, Mexico.
  • Indian Springs – Florida, USA.
  • Ben’s Cave – Lucayan National Park, Grand Bahama.
  • Nereo Cave – Alghero, Sardinia.
  • Kilsby’s Sinkhole – Mt Gambier, South Australia.
  • Emergence du Russel – Dordogne Region, France.
  • Orda Cave – Perm Region, Russia.
  • Anhumas Abyss – Bonito, Brazil.
  • You should see for yourself how astonishing and otherworldly those caves are. If you manage to visit one of them, it would be one inspiring story to tell others.

Besides, underwater cave exploration is done in a group, which can be an opportunity to make new friends and improve your social skill.

3. Skydiving

skydiving with a partnerAccording to, skydiving is the most popular sport among business people. I mean, what can be more enticing than the idea of conquering our fear? Skydiving is a means to facilitate just that.

Besides, skydiving involves a high degree of technicality. Not only will this sport condition you to control yourself in the most dangerous situation, but it will also train your mind to leave no mistakes as even the smallest one can be fatal.